Kevin O’Donoghue is more than a lawyer, he is an advocate for individuals and businesses that need help when they are unfairly treated by the government agencies, partners, investors and even their own employees.

kevin o'donoghueKevin has a unique take on legal matters and is not your typical lawyer type. Kevin believes in personal communication with his clients so he is available for any questions and to understand the intricacies of each situation. Kevin has been a bartender, writer, college professor, event marketing specialist, server, limo driver, and most importantly, a father over his lifetime, and tries to blend the good and bad from each of those experiences into his practice.

In addition to his legal practice, after 8 years as a partner in charge of all litigation and many transactional matters at Helbraun Levey & O’Donoghue, LLP, a boutique hospitality law firm, Kevin began also working as a commercial real estate broker, first at Eastern Consolidated and now at The Manhattes Group, where he works with retail and commercial tenants in the hospitality, art, design and manufacturing industries on finding the right space for their businesses.

The blend of attorney and broker has made Kevin a better attorney by having a better understanding of the nature of deals and interactions from the deal side and a better broker by understanding the pressures that attorneys face on deals. This allows him to work 360 degrees with his clients on a variety of matters, and he is able to switch between the roles seamlessly.

Kevin brings a unique level of attention, experience and understanding to legal practice. He understands New York as a resident for over 35 years, grew up here and raises his children here. That gives him a different view of the City than many of his clients, who came here as adults and experience it in a different way. Above all, Kevin tries to be responsive, sympathetic and caring about clients, traits that many lawyers do not seem to consider important. That is what makes O’Donoghue PLLC the right choice for legal matters that need attention. Kevin takes everything personally, and cares about your case and your company like it is his own.